The Strategy and Systems Behind Today's Successful People.

The System Execution Podcast is focused on the strategy and systems behind today’s successful people…with a twist…You don’t just get to see where someone is once and then never hear about them again. Instead, System Execution dives deep into the systems and processes businesses are using and developing today. Then, we check back with them over the year to see how things have changed and what they have learned. Getting your ideas off of the white board and into use takes critical decision making, creativity, and a learning curve through iterations. But these systems often mean the difference between success or failure for your company…And you get to see inside the process.

Your host, Vera Fischer, seeks out business leaders to share their tried and true systems and uncovers a variety of systems and processes, both simple and complex, to use in your organization. Are your systems ready to face the competition?

Proper systems. Proper execution. More sanity.

Welcome to System Execution.


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