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Episode 65: Client Engagement with AR and AI, with Berkley Egenes

Berkley Egenes is the Vice President of Marketing for MERIDIUN. A results-driven strategic marketing leader solving business challenges at the intersection of consumers and technology, Egenes is committed to building brands, launching products and producing returns for his partners.

With a strong entrepreneurial spirit for creating insights-based understanding using a data-first brand strategy and development process, he has delivered measurable cross-channel platforms and technologies in the global economy with brands like Kellogg’s, AB InBev, Alcatel, VIZIO, Walmart, Seiyu, ASDA, Sam’s Club, CVS Pharmacy, Ahold USA, A&P, Spartan Stores, Hy-Vee, Inc., Big Y and Weis Markets.

Always focused on the impact of technology in the global consumer ecosystem, he has an extensive background in augmented and virtual reality, retail, IoT, consumer electronics and mobility, consumer packaged goods and shopper marketing experiences working on the brand side at NextVR, NASCAR, and creative agency and services with CSE, Envoy and IBM.

A graduate of Texas A&M University with a bachelor’s degree in marketing and certificate in international business, Egenes also earned his master in business administration from the University of Notre Dame.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Berkley’s client engagement process with his AR and AI business, MERIDIUN
  • What exactly the AR and AI space is and how it creates personal experiences for users as well as how consumers are driving the convergence of AR and AI
  • What new clients should expect when they come to MERIDIUN (including the first thing they look at to help their business)
  • Reasons consumers aren’t buying merchandise in stores as much anymore and why mobile devices are now driving half of all revenue
  • The importance of methodically following a process and what MERIDIUN does during that process to ensure their solution is going to provide value to the client
  • How Berkley works with clients whether they know everything or nothing about AR and AI
  • Monetizing the content experience for retailers including ways AR can pay for itself
  • How long a typical engagement can last and what happens over that time, including handling periods when there is a lot of working going on but not a lot of communication with clients
  • Communicating with clients to constantly improve their experience as well as the end product and how actively engaging with clients and data helps with this
  • The concept of failing fast and how it can actually help you succeed along with real-world examples of how this can happen
  • Berkley’s plans to scale appropriately and how plans and processes are a huge part of that
  • Advantages of being forward thinking and jumping at good opportunities

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