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Episode 28: The 4 Step Lead Generation Funnel that Produced 100,000 Leads, with Ryan Stewman

Ryan Stewman, CEO and Founder of Hardcore Closer and Break Free Academy, is a 4x best-selling Author, Motivational Speaker, Sales Coach, Podcast Host, Blogger and all around Entrepreneur. He’s also a regular contributor to Forbes, Entrepreneur, Addicted2Success, Good Men Project, Lighter Side of Real Estate, Huffington Post, and more.

Ryan is best known for consulting with alpha personality business owners on rapidly growing their sales through the use of strong marketing and advertising. With his no BS, take action approach, Ryan has been able to help high income and high net worth performers make adjustments in their businesses that unleash windfall profits. In the day and age of sales trainers advertising their success by bragging about the private jets and expensive cars they’ve been able to purchase themselves, Ryan prefers to brag about the mansions and exotic cars his clients have been able to purchase through the utilization of his teachings. His programs have propelled numerous clients from 5 and 6 figure incomes to 7 figure a year earners, and he has a new group he’s working on each year in his top tier program The Tribe.

It doesn’t matter if you are selling cars, homes, financial services or consulting, Ryan’s sales mastery can help you generate higher quality leads, increase your closing ratios, and show you how to charge premium fees for the items you sell.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Ryan’s four-step lead generation funnel that has generated at LEAST 100,000 leads since 2013
  • How Ryan’s first lead generation funnel generated over $10,000 in the first day
  • Why you should leave people where they started your funnel (ex: if they click your ad on Facebook, the last step of your funnel should be to direct them back to Facebook)
  • Why the ultimate goal of a funnel should be to collect email addresses
  • What to offer in a funnel system
  • How Ryan’s businesses are staffed
  • The offers Ryan has built into his blog posts

Ways to contact Ryan:


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Now, here is your host Vera Fischer.

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Welcome to System Execution. A podcast devoted to using processes and systems to drive to a better outcome for your business.

I’m Vera Fischer, your host.

All businesses, no matter the size, relies on systems. Some of these are physical systems, such as a factory, some are technological, like project management software, while others are psychological systems. Such as check list and organizational charts. Many of these systems are going to overlap in your business.

Today’s guest is Ryan Stewman who is the CEO of Hardcore Closer. Ryan who is also the founder of Hardcore Closer and Breakfree Academy, is a four time best selling author, motivational speaker, sales coach, podcast host, blogger and all around entrepreneur. Ryan is also a regular contributor to Forbes, Entrepreneur Addicted to Success, Good Man Project, Lighter side of Real Estate and Huffington Post.

Welcome to System Execution Ryan.

Ryan Stewman: Hey, what’s going on Vera, thanks for having me on here, I’m excited.

Vera Fischer: Hey Brian, I’m excited too and I just literally touched on a small part of your accomplishments. Why don’t you take a minute and tell our listeners more about yourself and what you’re up to.

Ryan Stewman: It’s so weird, because I’ve been doing this for a while and then as years go by and you do stuff, like you add more accolades or whatever you want to call it and I sit there listen to that and I’m like, “Ryan, you’re so full of crap man, you couldn’t have done all that.”

I’m still trying to get over the fact that that actually happened but I’m a native Texan, I’m a father of three and I’m an entrepreneur, like we were discussing before just for your audience sake, I contribute to Forbes and Entrepreneur and Addicted to Success from a business mindset.

I built a coaching business, residential real estate business, where we’re buying, selling and flipping properties, I’ve built an alarm company up as well as a seminar company, so I’ve had expertise in not just building just one business but multiple businesses and multiple profitable businesses and that’s because I believe the systems that I have in place.

Now I’ll be honest with you Vera, I’m not the best in the world at the system thing, but the little systems that we put in place are what’s got us to where we’re at today and we’re not doing bad by any stretch of the imagination.

Ryan’s Four-Step Lead Generation Funnel

Vera Fischer: Oh Ryan I don’t think that you are doing bad by any stretch of the imagination, but you know what it’s the small systems that you’ve been able to figure out and repeat and get you to those several successful businesses is really what we want to hear about.

So with that said, what would be one system you want to focus on today?

Ryan Stewman: Obviously a large part of what we do being sales and marketing, I would like to talk to people about the system that we put leads through when they come and visit our website or take us up on one of our offers online.

Vera Fischer: Oh I love that, okay, let’s get started. What happened first.

Ryan Stewman: First we call this thing that we create the four step lead generation funnel. And for the people listening maybe some of you haven’t heard the word funnel, maybe you have but I’ll just break it down for you real quick.

A funnel is a way to think about it as like the top of the funnel is really wide and you can fit all sorts of liquid in there and then at the bottom is where a more precise pour comes in to whatever you’re trying it in the bucket or whatever the case.

And so with the sales funnel, the top part of the funnel, if you can just imagine it visually, is where you’re making your offer. Your offer gets seen by thousands of people but then the middle part of the funnel is your conversion which is where maybe 1,000 people saw your offer and maybe only 10 people took you up so that’s the middle one.

They’re going through that conversion process and then the bottom of the funnel and the people that come out the bottom are obviously those that converted, that gave you their name, email address, phone number. Maybe their mailing address, whatever information that you ask for.

So that gives you an idea and so we have these four step funnel systems, it probably sounds really complicated at first, if this is your first time hearing it but it’s not and so what we do is we run a Facebook ad to a landing page to landing page to a thank you page and then back to Facebook.

And so I’ll explain in greater detail than just that, this is like we move forward but that’s been the ultimate lead gen process for us and it’s only really taken four steps to do it and I’ve been doing this for seven years now and I’ve been following this particular funnel process since 2013 and we’ve generated at least 100,000 leads from this over the last three and half years. At least.

Vera Fischer: So Ryan was this-

Ryan Stewman: That’s probably a way underestimate, but yes at least.

How the Funnel Was First Created

Vera Fischer: So Ryan with this four step funnel lead generation system, was this something that you had to go through a lot of tweaks before you finalized it and as of 2013 you are just raking in the leads or you’ve got it right, right out of the gate?

Ryan Stewman: That is a really good question. The year was 2013 and I was in a gentleman named Kevin Nation’s house in Las Vegas. I’ll never forget this ever and we go into his home and I was like, “Wow this is like what a mansion looks like right?”, and coincidentally I’m actually headed back to see him next weekend.

But anyway, I just remember thinking, wow this is like so awesome, the guy’s got Rolls Royce in the garage and he’s got a grotto out back that would probably make Hugh Heffner jealous, it’s a really cool place and so there’s a guy there who happens to be the world’s strongest man.

A dude named AJ Roberts and AJ pulls me over the side and he’s like, “You need to learn how to run advertisements,” and he’s British, he’s like, “You need to learn how to use advertents.” whatever they say, right and so anyway he pulls me over and he teaches me how to run these ads and so we basically did this four step funnel system.

We put an ad on Facebook and it was a video and I was basically saying, “Hey if you’re a loan officer and you want to do this, then let me help you do that.”, it was a little bit more elaborate than that but that was the bottom line of it and I ran this advertisement, or advertisement as AJ would say, and so I run this advertisement to a Wufoo form, back then things like lead pages and click funnels and all these all softwares that are out there now didn’t exist. So we just ran it to what’s still a company that we use a lot called Wufoo and it’s basically like Survey Monkey.

Really similar to that. And so there was a video on Facebook that went to the second step which was the Wufoo form, which was the third step, which was to schedule a time and then the fourth step back to Facebook and I used that.

I set it up for the first time and now when I was at this house I had paid my last dollar to arrive at this event and it was very expensive and like $25,000 and I barely had enough money to get claim tickets and stay in Vegas, I was hoping that maybe I could gamble and win some money.

I was in rough shape at this time, trying to put it all together and AJ is like, “Just put $100 on it.”, and I’m like, “You don’t even understand, I don’t have $100.”, I didn’t say that, because I didn’t want them to know my situation at the time and so anyway, I go and I turn this ad on and I was like really worried because I was like, “Man $100 is a lot of money.”, to me at this moment and I just had a kid and everything else and was fairly new at this business.

Then literally what had happened, I spent all my money to get there and we turned this ad on and by, this was say at 10 in the morning, and by about noon I had about 20 leads and by two o’clock in the afternoon I started calling the leads and I had by the end of that day I’d made like $10,000. And I was, “Wow, this is whole Facebook ads and this funnel thing, I’m really on to something.”, and so over the years I’ve made over 1,500 funnels at this point that we ran advertisements to.

We spent a quarter of a million dollars in one of our businesses alone last year. Our personal advertising on Facebook and so we’ve tested it time and time again in this simple four step funnel system what really works the best, because it’s not complicated.

We’re showing somebody an ad on Facebook and they’re making the decision to click that ad, it’s driving them to a landing page that says, “Hey if you’d like this give me your name, email address and phone number and I’ll give it to you.”, then when they give us the name, email address and phone number, they go to another page, that basically gives them what it is that they asked for and then from there, they go back to Facebook.

We call that the ferris wheel, because you get off the same place that you got on. And that’s all that we’re trying to do especially if it’s on Facebook, we want people to feel like they clicked it and then they went through our process and they wound up right back on Facebook, that make them feel comfortable, make them feel like they were supposed to go through that and like nothing ever happened and meanwhile we’re starting marketing to them in their email which is our ultimate goal.

Why You Need to Collect Email Addresses in Your Funnel

Vera Fischer: So you’re trying to collect the names, so you can add them to your list as a net new ad and then from there you can market to them based on whatever the particular funnel was about.

Ryan Stewman: Yeah because what I’ve learned is you can build a list from Facebook, but really still the best place to sell is in the email or on the phone.

Vera Fischer: Interesting.

Ryan Stewman: But you build the leads to sell from Facebook or social media at this point. More than just Facebook.

Vera Fischer: So do you determine the funnel, you said that you had developed many of these four step lead generation funnels, is it just really the delineation is the type of offer within that funnel system?

Ryan Stewman: Yeah that’s it and we have a fairly simple process for the offer it’s how do get what you want without having to do what you don’t want. So it’s like, “Hey loan officers, if you’d like to get real estate agents come chasing after you instead of going and buying dinner after dinner to be disappointed and never get a loan again, then here is the system that’ll work for you. Watch this video.

And they put their name, email address and phone number to watch the video and the video teaches them like maybe a process that they can use to prospect a real estate agent and then from there they have the opportunity to, once they get the reward, we drive them right to Facebook, it depends on if they buy it, then they buy it and then we ultimately drive them back to our website, if they don’t buy it then we drop them right back off at Facebook.

We usually ask them to like the page on the way out. It’s like, “Here’s your free video.”, and then if they don’t buy something we’re like, “Like our page.”, which sends them back to Facebook. But if they do buy something then we typically drive them over to our website.

Why Facebook is Ryan’s Preferred Sales Funnel Platform

Vera Fischer: So why Facebook?

Ryan Stewman: Because we’re generating the leads there. So I’m saying most of our four step funnel system involves Facebook advertising, so if we start them off on Facebook and then we finish them on Facebook, then it’s just a more comfortable feeling, “Okay, well I’m right back where I started, so at least they did that for me.”.

Vera Fischer: And so Ryan did you, when you’re deciding to do your advertising on Facebook, are you doing it by keyword or by behavior?

Ryan Stewman: We do it by behavior. And really at this point we just re-target, I have a quarter million people or so a month go to HardcoreCloser.com organically and we generally re-target those people through Facebook and the Google display networks. So it’s really not even so much about keywords or any of that anymore. It’s just following our list that we built.

Vera Fischer: Oh that’s cool. All right so you’ve developed this system and it came to you at a point in your life where, “Oh my God, I’m spending my last 100 bucks on this, am I crazy, I can barely get home.”, what part of this seemingly simple system are you most proud of?

Ryan Stewman: I like the fact that it’s proven results time and time again in different industries. We’ve used it in real estate, we’ve used it in mortgages and I’ve got guys that have used this to make $1,000,000, you know Russel Branson is a friend of mine. I’m actually in about an hour and a half going on live, Facebook live with him today to promote his new book and his saying is, “You’re one funnel away from $100,000,000”, you’re only one funnel away from a million bucks.

I’ve seen people create these four step funnel systems that turn into million dollar funnels, myself included, and I don’t think there’s anything that is really more exciting than watching somebody else start from where they’re at and then achieve the success that they sough out to start. That’s a really rewarding feeling to me.

Vera Fischer: I agree with you. I feel the same way. When you figured all of this out, do you implement your system yourself or do you have colleagues that do it on your behalf.

Ryan Stewman: I have team members on every business I have I have team members. Most of them I don’t have partners, but all of them I have people that work for me. Either employees or contractors or a mixture of both.

How Many Lead Generation Funnels Ryan Currently Has

Vera Fischer: Okay, cool. All right, how many do you have running right now?

Ryan Stewman: How many funnels?

Vera Fischer: Yeah.

Ryan Stewman: Oh that is a great question. Right now we have our ElevatorToTheTop.com funnel running and it’s basically you go there, you can get a free paperback copy of my book and then there’s a few offers that come with it and you can see an example again ElevatorToTheTop.com and by all means while you’re there you might as well get the book.

And then almost every blog post that you see at HardcoreCloser.com there’s three offers on there and it depends on what the person wants. We segment our list by that. There’s the offer for a free PDF, there’s the offer for the paper back book, that I just told you guys about and then there’s an offer to talk to somebody about getting some help from their current situation.

And so we give them an opportunity based on where they’re at and so every day I go into Facebook, not every day, I’m sorry. Once a month I go into Facebook and I log three different posts per day into Facebook that are scheduled out because you can do that on your fan page and so I schedule all the posts out which drives traffic consistently to those blog posts, which have those three funnels running full time on there, so we have them active right now all the time.

Vera Fischer: Well, okay. That’s really cool. All right Ryan, so you had mentioned earlier that you’ve got a lot of different companies and you’ve perfected this four step funnel system, so tell me what’s next for you.

Ryan Stewman: Well you know, we always say that you have to nail it, then scale it, right. There’s actually a book called that on Amazon, never read it. That’s just like kind of a thing that we say and I was, “I was gonna write a book and name it that.”, and I was like, “Somebody beat me to it.”, well I’ll be darned.

Anyway, I feel like now we’ve nailed this thing and we’re in the process of just scaling it more and more. We’re trying to get books in as many hands as possible. You know doing podcasts like this and trying to get as many eyes on our blog as possible, so that we can help people. Because I really do believe, that when you change your mind you change your life and I’m out there really trying to change people’s minds.

I know from the outside it seems like Hardcore Closer is all just sales and stuff like that, but really when you read my stuff a lot of it has to do with how you think and because thinking changes a lot of stuff. Before, when I didn’t think that I would ever make any kind of money or be successful, that’s what I got.

Once I thought that I had an idea that would make me a bunch of money that I pursued after. We see the end result. Time and time again at this point and really we focus on a lot of mindset stuff like that, which have a lot to do with sales too, but that’s my goal it’s just to get as many people as possible to my website and to these funnels to where we can help folks.

Final Advice on Lead Generation Funnel Systems

Vera Fischer: I love that. Ryan you’ve shown us that processes are needed to get the work done and you’ve provided a few of the nuances that our listeners really need to hear regarding the execution of a successful system.

Before we go, let’s close out today’s discussion with any final advice you want to share. Anything we missed and then tell us the best way we can connect with you.

Ryan Stewman: Yeah, so okay, awesome. When it comes to systems and even I do this with our funnels now, but I try to make a list of all the things that I don’t want to do and I find people to do that for me. After I’ve built enough of these four step funnels, I found somebody else to do it for me.
Somebody that I hired that could take care of that and duplicate my process so I think one of the keys is to, when you have a system in place, that you can duplicate, then I think it’s important to get somebody in there duplicating yourself to where you can free yourself up, right. So you can go execute on something else.

So when it comes to four step funnel systems, if you go to HardcoreCloser.com and you put in the search bar four step funnel system, just type it in there and it’ll pull up.

And there’s an article that gives you basically the breakdown and all the landing pages and everything and so you can see exactly what I’m talking about right there. And like I said if you want to grab a free copy of my book, you can go to ElevatorToTheTop.com and you can see it first hand. The whole process right in front of your eyes.

Vera Fischer: Awesome, Ryan, well thank you so much for being our guest today. You’ve shared a great system and provided some great insight to our listeners today.

Ryan Stewman: Hey you know what, it’s great to be on here with another Texan Vera and I appreciate the questions and kind of let me ramble with your people, I hope I brought some value and that they’ll be able to get their own four step funnels up and running and sell them whatever it is that they sell.

We hope you found this episode of System Execution on lead generation funnel systems enlightening. For free examples, case studies, eBooks and more, be sure to visit SystemExecution.com/resources. Contribute to the conversation by reaching out to Vera directly on email. At Vera@SystemExecution.com. Until our next episode. Thank you for the privilege of your time.




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