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Peter Lovenheim

Episode 64: Attachment Styles in the Workplace, with Peter Lovenheim

Peter Lovenheim is an author and journalist whose articles and essays have appeared in the New York Times, New York magazine, The Los Angeles Times, Parade, Moment Magazine, The Washington Post, and other publications.

His five previous books include In the Neighborhood: The Search for Community on an American Street, One Sleepover at a Time, winner of a Barnes & Noble Discover Award and the First Annual Zócalo Public Square Book Prize, and Portrait of a Burger as a Young Calf, a first-hand attempt to understand the food chain.

Lovenheim holds a degree in journalism from Boston University and in law from Cornell Law School. He teaches narrative non-fiction at The Writers Center in Bethesda, MD and splits his time between his hometown of Rochester, NY, and Washington, DC.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • The attachment effect and its elements including how a knowledge of attachment can help managers and owners
  • The hunger we all have that drives the interest in attachment and how that stems from the nature vs nurture debate
  • What drives attachment from birth and how the quality of early attachment helps shape who we become
  • The types of attachments people can come out of childhood having
  • Why a person’s attachment style shows up a lot in the workplace and different ways of measuring attachment in adults
  • Why it’s advantageous for managers to know their employees’ attachment styles
  • Traits that different attachment styles bring to the workplace as well as what mix of styles is best to have in a business
  • What Peter found in his observations while observing different attachment styles in a real business
  • The attachment style that is best suited for a management position
  • Advice on how to best manage employees with insecure attachments and ways people with different attachment styles can help each other
  • All the areas of your life your attachment style can manifest itself

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