Heath Barnett

Episode 40: The Mobile Commerce Platform that’s Redefining the Golf Industry, with Heath Barnett

Heath Barnett graduated from Texas State in 2013 with a degree in Finance. He started off trading financial derivatives for Oil and Gas and then joined a pipeline construction company, Rapid Pipeline Services, as the Chief Financial Officer. After a successful career in Oil and Gas, Heath joined Accenture and their Transaction Services Team. His team was responsible for less than 3% of the transactional volume but represented almost 50% of the company's transactional value. After Accenture, He started his own company, Partake Technologies Inc., known as Partake, which is a mobile commerce platform that connects golf courses with their customers to provide an on-demand omnichannel shopping experience. He is an advisor for multiple other start-ups in a variety of industries and believes that his main purpose in life is to be an Entrepreneur, Protagonist, Husband, and Friend.

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Christopher Conner

Episode 38: Franchise Marketing: How to Market Your Franchise with Marketing System, with Christopher Conner

Christopher Conner has been in the franchise industry since 2002 working with several hundred different franchise systems in management, franchise sales, and franchise development work. His experience ranges across all fields of franchise expertise with a focus in franchise marketing and franchise sales but includes work in franchise strategic planning, franchise research, and franchise operations consulting.

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Vera K. Fischer Solocast Episode #4

Episode 37: Programmatic Media Buying Explained: How to Leverage Search Traffic to Get More Leads, with Vera K. Fischer

In 2004, Vera K. Fischer founded her agency, 97 Degrees West known as The Brand Marketing Agency. Since 2004, the agency has survived both recessions and shown significant growth since 2012. Clients include: LS Tractor USA, United Heritage Credit Union, FirstCare Health Plans and several area small businesses in real estate, oil & gas and specialty medical practices.

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Daniel Nuwash

Episode 36: The System for Effectively Building Relationships with Clients, with Daniel Nuwash

Before entering the financial planning industry Dan Nuwash completed a 4 year activity duty commitment to the United States Marine Corps. After his military commitment Dan enrolled in Saint Peter’s University and completed both a business undergraduate degree and a Masters of Business Administration. Dan specializes in developing customized investment strategies for clients based on investment goals, risk tolerance, and capital commitments. His knowledge of risk management helps him mitigate systematic risk and exposure for clients by developing portfolios containing insurance and tax minimization investments.

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Cindy Goldsberry

Episode 35: ZFactor Sales Acceleration Methodology: The Sales System You Need for Rapid Revenue Growth, with Cindy Goldsberry

Cindy has 30+ years of business experience, specifically in developing and implementing revenue and profit generating strategies translated to tactical roadmaps from startup to ceiling-busting to exit. Cindy is creator and master facilitator of the ZFactor Methodology, a system which leverages the Visioneering process to catalyze instant change for revenue acceleration. A facilitated think-tank session process elucidates Gaps and Opportunities between current reality and desired future state of the business and creates 90 day agile roadmaps for implementation.

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Megan Malone

Episode 34: The System for Superior Marketing Campaign Management, with Megan Malone

Megan Malone is a Founding Partner with Vici, a Philadelphia-based digital agency, and leads the Operations division. Megan has both a broadcast and digital marketing background working for the Philadelphia Eagles, Beasley Broadcast Group, and Cox Media Group. Megan has certifications from the Center for Sales Strategy (management, marketing strategy, brainstorming), a certification from Disney Institutes People Management, and was awarded the top 10 advertisers in Louisville from the American Advertisers Federation in 2012. She has managed millions of dollars of digital campaigns in her career.

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Elise Torske

Episode 33: How to Use Centers of Influence (COIs) to Build Client Relationships, with Elise Torske

Elise Torske is the Marketing Manager and Strategic Partnership Director for Centennial Wealth Management, a private wealth advisory team at Ameriprise Financial Services. She started off as an Administrative Assistant at her firm 8.5 years ago and over the years created a position for a marketing role. Currently, she’s in the midst of a major shift in processes of client acquisition and retention, moving from the outdated "dinner seminar" era that worked for advisors 10-20 years ago to creating a digital footprint and segmenting their book of business to replicate their ideal clients.

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Dr. Danilo Coité

Episode 31: The Quality of Care System for Improving Patient Care Services, with Dr. Danilo Coité

Danilo Coité, MD, comes to Independence Plus, Inc. (IPI) with over 15 years of experience in clinical medicine, risk management, and managed care insurance plans. He is a visionary leader skilled at turning insight into action with a unique blend of medical and business expertise. He offers strategic, decisive guidance while remaining committed to corporate goals and objectives. Dr. Coité is a resourceful problem-solver with the talent for identifying need and creating effective solutions and is dedicated to building a path of sustainable growth that will improve the quality of care, accessibility, and affordability.

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