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Episode 63: Systematizing Your Onboarding Process, with Rami Jebara

Rami Jebara is the Co-Founder & CTO of Tuangru, a software provider of next generation data center infrastructure management (DCIM), designed for today’s hybrid IT environments. Whether a users application workloads reside on-premises, in edge data centers or in the cloud, Tuangru provides users with a holistic view of their entire infrastructure for management and optimization. The company was recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in North America by Deloitte Technology Fast 500™.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • What Rami’s company, Tuangru, is focused on as well as the premise and belief it was founded behind
  • How Rami got started in the IT world when the internet was still pretty new
  • Hybrid IT- what it is and what’s happening with it in the IT world including what stays the same and what the challenge is with this different IT management
  • The software system Rami uses to keep everybody in his company aligned and the agile process and system Rami’s team uses
  • Two things that processes are made out of with an example of a system and process that is more important than software tools
  • The most important aspect of onboarding to help you build a knowledge base to help the process
  • Reasons it’s so important to make sure you start with the right people and how to amplify and enable humans to work more efficiently
  • Two different types of missteps and examples of each
  • What happens if you have an imbalance of process in engineering
  • How software development has changed and become more systematized
  • The importance of reflecting and asking questions about your processes
  • Meetings and rituals that bring the team closure including weekly check-ins that Rami runs and who is involved in those
  • Why different departments need to communicate with each other

Ways to contact Rami:

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